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Good To Know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that caries is perhaps the most prevalent infectious disease in our children.


More than 40% of children have caries by the time they reach kindergarten.


An oral assessment and evaluation for infants by 6 months of age allows for the incorporation of preventive strategies as the primary dentition begins to erupt.


Good Snacks:
All fruits and veggies, pretzels, milk (preferably in a cup and none after toothbrushing), water, unsweetened juices, chocolates (in moderation, preferred because they melt in mouth), cookies (in moderation), sugar-free gum, especially containing xylitol.


Bad Snacks:
Raisins and any other sticky/dried fruit, milk (in bottle/sippy cup taken to bed or after toothbrushing), high sugary fruit juices and soda, fruit snacks and all sticky candies (ie gum, gummy bears, airheads, fruit roll-ups), hard candy and lollipops.


Teeth Cleaning

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